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About Us

Create a life with more purpose, freedom and joy!

Recent events have made us all question our ‘normal’ ways of living. Many of us long to make sustainable changes in our personal lives and in the wider world. The question is how do you do that when you are already full to the brim? However fired up you are about a new idea, a possibility, a dream, the challenge is always in integrating these changes into your everyday life. How can you take action in a way that is actually realistic and sustainable? 

What if its easier than you think?

We are always practicing something and what we practice becomes habitual. A Handpicked Life is not about doing more, it is about becoming conscious of what you are practicing so you have a choice in where you direct your energy. We offer tried and tested resources which keep you on track and purpose as you scaffold your own personal exploration.

Start where you are.

Whether you wish to write that book, build that business, create financial freedom, become a better parent or partner or simply cultivate a sense of ease and contentment with life. Wherever your starting point, our resources are there to offer support and encouragement as you begin to explore ideas and develop a sense of playfulness and curiosity. You will have the opportunity to discover habits, beliefs and behaviours that hold you back and take action towards creating a life that brings you purpose, freedom and joy.

Our Story

The roots of ‘A Handpicked Life’ were seeded with our coaching sessions (Lianne coaching Hannah) that started in September 2019. Coming from the same close knit family it was exciting for Lianne to witness how the challenges she had overcome in her own life had paved a way for someone of the next generation in her own family. It was also yet another confirmation that breaking old habits that no longer serve us doesn’t have to be a difficult process, in fact, it can be enjoyable. 


Lianne skidded into the world of self-help sideways in a blind panic in her late twenties when her career as a professional dancer was starting to look insecure. It was a path less trodden with a myriad of choices, false promises and numerous pitfalls. After a good eight years flailing about on that slippery slope she managed to slow down, catch her breath and actually put something into practice!

We started to create something that was aligned with everything that we believed in from its very core.

During our coaching sessions, Hannah on the other hand had profound insights after only a couple of sessions and, after putting into practice tools and techniques that Lianne had developed in her personal and professional practice over the years, she was able create the changes needed in her life. As a result she moved from being rock bottom, desolate and sobbing through most of our early sessions to feeling empowered, aware and enthusiastic about her future. In short, by taking action in sustainable ways she achieved in twelve months what took Lianne at least ten years!


The idea for A handpicked life came out of  conversations on how we would like to help other people breakthrough patterns that hold them back from living life with more freedom, purpose and joy. In our fast paced modern day world  it is all too easy for us to go to sleep on our dreams, live on auto pilot and put off taking action until we have got more time/energy/motivation. 


We wanted to create an easily accessible space with tried and tested resources to help people scaffold their own personal development, create optimum conditions for themselves and craft their own handpicked life.  A space to gently integrate change, create a strong physical, mental and emotional foundation and stay on track with what is important to them.

A Big Thanks

Taking ownership of our lives and our future selves is a gift to the world. When we are fulfilled and feel satisfied we are naturally more caring, kinder and compassionate and contribute to a creating a happier, healthier, more free and authentic world. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this & thank you for your commitment & support in making real, positive change in a way that has meaning to you. 

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