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The word somatic comes from the Greek root word “soma”, which means “the living body in its wholeness.”

Somatic practices are body-centred techniques that help us to bypass the conscious mind in order to overcome feeling stuck, procrastinating or lacking motivation to create the state of being required for optimum mental, emotional and physiological wellbeing.

The body, mind and emotions influence each other constantly, even when we’re not aware of it. Practices such as; Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) , Yoga, mindful movement, Qigong, Brain Gym and Energy Medicine work with the subconscious where our habits, behaviours, beliefs and programmes reside. Partnered with life coaching, these somatic practices enable us to tap into the programmes that no longer serve us, create positive change and to build a strong foundation for a rich and fulfilling life.

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We specialise in somatic practices and energy work, using an integrative mind body approach to life and wellbeing coaching. A Handpicked Life and our membership is an ongoing, coaching support programme based on ancient wisdom and natural principles that are practical, sustainable and easily integrated into everyday life. Helping you daily to build a strong foundation for your overall wellbeing, keeping you aligned with living a life that is rich and fulfilling.

Let's create a happier, healthier world one person at a time.

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